Time Out are committed to giving our clients the best service at the most competitive prices and as a result will try to Pricematch products with the Internet.

However, we would like you to consider the following: 

Whilst we appreciate that in these difficult times we are all trying to save a few pounds here and there and that it may be tempting to buy online, we only charge the Recommended Retail Prices for products as per the instruction of the skincare companies.

We hope that you value our service  -  we are happy to consult and advise free of charge at any time, about any skin concerns you may have and supply free samples until we are happy that you have the right product for you. 

Any profit we make on product will help to ensure we keep our treatment prices competitive and that we can offer significant discounts on our Monthly Special Offers.  The profit also contributes to the upkeep of the salon, innovations, training for the staff and helps to ensure the business keeps going.

With this in mind, we would like to ask that you help to support your local businesses and maybe meet us half-way with pricematch discounts.

(please note that Environ Skincare has taken legal action against websites selling their product and that they only endorse authorized stockists like Time Out  to sell this product.)